Academic Support


Danville School’s academic support program is built around the Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Model (MTSS)

MTSS Triangle


MTSS is based on a system where students at different tiers, or levels, receive differentiated types of instruction based on their individual needs.



MTSS depends upon an “all hands on deck” approach. In the elementary school, during one period per day each grade level stops whole class instruction (Tier I, or Levels 1, 2 above) for a “Tutorial” period, where all teachers are available for small group targeted instruction. Tutorials last for 6-8 weeks.


In the middle and high school, Extended Office Hours takes place twice per week. Teachers designate students to work with core content teachers at this time on a skill, assignment, or area of difficulty. Students come out of their Club and into EOH, then return to their club when the goal is reached.

In addition, Office Hours in grades 7-12 is a 40 minute block of time on Wednesdays where students can request to see a teacher for extra help. Additionally, a teacher can request to work with a particular student in order to discuss classwork, reteach a concept, or study for an assessment.


In order to organize students into appropriate interventions, Grade Level Data Teams are tasked with:

  • Data entry in databases and school spreadsheets
  • Data analysis to inform universal instruction and intervention groups
  • Creation of tutorial intervention groups
  • Collaboration on instruction, goals and method of bi-weekly assessment for tutorial groups or other interventions
  • Monitor and assess interventions for efficacy, whether students are meeting goals, and next steps
  • Maintain tracking and records of interventions

A copy of the Caledonia Central Supervisory Union MTSS Policy can be found here.

A copy of the Caledonia Central Supervisory Union yearlong student assessment plan can be found here.