Personalized Learning

Danville considers personalized learning and individualized pathways to graduation to be a key tenet of what we’re all about.

Starting in ninth grade, students have choices about what courses to take. While they must take Algebra I, for example, they can also choose whether to start their Global Citizenship coursework with World History and Geography A, or Modern American History. They can choose whether to take Integrated Science I and II both in ninth grade, or move Integrated Science II to tenth grade to make room for Architecture A or Building Trades. Within our rigorous graduation requirements, there are many options.

The key to individual schedules lies in some of Danville’s Performance Based Graduation Requirements:

  • Demonstrate initiative and responsibility for learning by seeking academic experiences and proficiency on various topics, seeking depth of content in certain areas.
  • Take responsibility for personal decisions and actions through self-awareness.
  • Seek out and take part in experiences to support post-secondary and future goals.
  • Take time to generate solutions and problem solve.


All high school students have an equal and strong voice in the design of their high school schedule and experience.

At Danville, students are in most classes with peers from more than one grade. Freshman take Music Theory and Composition with seniors, and sophomore and juniors collaborate on Personal Finance projects. In a small school, this multiplies the number of classmates, collaborators and viewpoints students come into contact with every day.

Students may also elect to take a course online or through independent study, if we do not offer it in-house. They can also set up internships in the community to explore a specific career track or interest. Danville employs a full-time Personal Learning Coordinator, Rachel Keach, to help students develop these alternative programs, create the course, and follow through on learning objectives.

A students’ Personal Learning Plan is their schedule, the culmination of meetings with advisers, transcript reviews, discussion in advisory around college and career goals, and including input from our School Counselor, Pathways Coordinator and Principal.

Internships, Independent Studies and Online courses are utilized by about ¼ of 11th and 12th graders.

Danville makes it a priority to work with the priorities, needs and interest of our students and their parents.