Administration and Front Office

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David Schilling, Principal

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Jeremy Rector, Assistant Principal

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Jena Welch, Administrative Assistant


Kassie Thresher, Administrative Assistant

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Melinda Johnson, Student Support Coordinator



Rachel Levesque, Pre-Kindergarten


Danielle Lewis, Pre-Kindergarten


Bobbie Copen, Kindergarten


Peggy Remick, Kindergarten


Laurie Rivers, 1st Grade


Emma Ferland, 1st Grade

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Emily Graves, 2nd Grade

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Lynn Dunklee, 4th Grade

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Steve Judkins, 4th Grade

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Tanna Elliott, 4th Grade


Chris Rapoza, 5th and 6th Grade


Nick DeCaro, 7th and 8th Grade

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Jessica Settles, 7th & 8th Grade


Emily Greaves,  Instructional Leadership Coordinator

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Kelly Robb, Reading Interventionist


Stan Zajko, 7th & 8th Grade Math and Science

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Luke Robbins, 8th-12th Math and Science 


Amy Richard, High School Global Citizenship

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Ellen Parent, High School English


Isaac Demers, High School English

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Jason Brigham, High School Math

Chess, Varsity Boy’s Basketball Coach

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Spencer Morse, High School Math

Robotics, Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach

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Dr. Stacy Edgar, High School Science

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David Warren, High School Global Citizenship

Axis & Allies Strategy Club

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Joy Brillhart, Foreign Language

Knitting Club, International Club


Maxfield English, Technical Education

Engineering Sustainable Solutions, Future Farmers of America

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Caroline DeMaio
School Librarian


Lian Brehm, PK-6th Grade Visual Arts


Abigail Bartell, 7th-12th Grade Visual Arts



Kevin Colosa, PK-6th Band, Music, & Chorus


Emily Wiggett, 7th-12th Band and Chorus

Jazz Band, World Drumming

 Guidance & Flexible Pathways

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Rachel Keach, Pathways Coordinator

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Danielle Scott, School Counselor PK-6

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Adrianna Watrobski, School Counselor 7-8

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Simon Fisher, School Counselor 9-12

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Rebecca Hubbard, Positive Behavior Analyst, WCMH

Athletics, Health, Physical Education

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Randall Rathburn, Athletic Director

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Stephen Genco, PK-8 Physical Education

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Guy Pearce, 7-12 Physical Education & Health

Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach, OVX Tobacco Prevention

Special Education

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Darcey Kelly, K-3 Special Educator

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Mary Leadbeater, 7-8 Special Educator


Mary Cassidy, High School Special Educator

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Vanessa Vincent, Language Lab Special Educator

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Christy Fisher, Speech & Language Assistant


Gwyn Gauthier, Speech & Language Assistant

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Kim Alercio, Occupational Therapist


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Alicia Mundinger, Paraprofessional

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Tina Barrett, Paraprofessional

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Shelli Gadapee, Paraprofessional

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Emily Clancy, Paraprofessional

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Shannon Anderson, Paraprofessional

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Heather Heiser, Paraprofessional

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Cheryl Mundinger, Paraprofessional


Allison Brown, Paraprofessional

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Kerri DeShone, Paraprofessional

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Katherine Pastula, Paraprofessional

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Cathy Richard, Paraprofessional

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Eve Ryan, Paraprofessional

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Ali Clark, Paraprofessional

 Maintenance, Kitchen, Busing Staff

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Victor Benoit, Director of Buildings and Grounds

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Shelley Towle, Head Cook

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Pearl Spencer, Kitchen Staff

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Annie Lawlor, Kitchen Staff

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Fawn Baesemann, Nurse


Denise Briggs, Transportation Coordinator